IBM named a Leader in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for Application Security Testing

IBM named a Leader in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for Application Security Testing

For the first time ever, Gartner has combined the DAST and SAST Magic Quadrants into a single report. This is an important development because it is yet another step forward in acknowledging the need for comprehensive application security. The powerful combination of leading application security tools, and a surrounding ecosystem of complementary security technology, gives our customers the confidence and flexibility they need to improve the security of their applications, and their business. $IBM


Growth, Ideas, and Execution

Societies, governments, and corporations wishing to expand their economic growth are fundamentally dependent on highly skilled and serially creative human capital.  These high value knowledge assets not only dream up concepts, they make ideas actionable with with execution.

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What are the objectives for adopting cloud?

Organizations are not only relying on cloud to enhance internal efficiencies, but also to target more strategic business capabilities.

  • Increased Collaboration with external partners
  • Competitive/Cost advantages through vertical integration
  • New delivery channels/markets
  • Competitive differentiation through specialization
  • Rebalanced mix of products/services
  • Flexible pricing models

Organizations clearly intend for cloud to improve their business capabilities, in addition to enhancing internal efficiencies.

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Successful Projects Avoid These Common Failings

Well designed and well managed improvement initiatives can deliver benefits beyond efficiency.  This occurs only when the Business receives real operational improvements.

Prior to executing a transformational project make sure you avoid these causes of failure.

  • Insufficient attention to organizational change
  • Poor linkage to business priorities
  • Lack of senior management support
  • Insufficient governance, measurement, and planning
  • Unbalanced Perspectives  (understand the requirements)
  • Organizational change capacity overload
  • Ineffective Communications
  • Insufficient Agility (short term incremental improvements. not big bang)
  • Focus on tools to early in the project
  • Poor management of vendors and poor use of consultants

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