American Citizenship:  How long would the line be if we demanded a cover charge ?

@politico spun an article up this morning about how difficult it is for politicitans to strengthen immigration  laws……. this is the kind of topic that keeps old and feible politicitians in office… me thinks that we don’t even need immigration laws, a wall, or a fence… we need a cover charge and a daily stay rate… would this type of free market idea solve the immigratioin problem ???…. what say you ??

Elected office and Big Money:  There must be a better way

This time @Politico tells the tale of a huge summer get together of the GOP’s elite donor base.. read it here … it really dosen’t matter which side of the isle your on.. you might find it interesting that your political parties elite set your political views with one thing M..O..N..E..Y…what a surprise right :)…big money has a huge role in the business of getting people elected.. what i find facinating is that most of the big money political donors are the elite 1% and these folks are completly disconcted from mainstream americans.  Is there a better way to influence elections ?? … me thinks “Predictive Analytics” 

 What Say U ???

Successful Projects Avoid These Common Failings

Well designed and well managed improvement initiatives can deliver benefits beyond efficiency.  This occurs only when the Business receives real operational improvements.

Prior to executing a transformational project make sure you avoid these causes of failure.

  • Insufficient attention to organizational change
  • Poor linkage to business priorities
  • Lack of senior management support
  • Insufficient governance, measurement, and planning
  • Unbalanced Perspectives  (understand the requirements)
  • Organizational change capacity overload
  • Ineffective Communications
  • Insufficient Agility (short term incremental improvements. not big bang)
  • Focus on tools to early in the project
  • Poor management of vendors and poor use of consultants

What’s your point of view ?


Clients have a real desire to horizontally integrate their enterprise.  This mandate evolves when IT helps the business streamline operations and increase organizational effectiveness.

This type of Innovation gets information to decision makers faster and more accurately.

The business expects IT to create this this kind of Leverage.

How are you helping your clients or your own organization innovate?